To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge.
~Benjamin Disraeli
We are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence.
~John F. Kennedy (The President and the Press, April 27, 1961)

I had a Knightmare

If I was in a deep sleep I'd think no different. Since I'm mildly awake, but still very ignorant I have some random thoughts. Knight Capital is a reference to the Knights Templars and there are alchemical references in those 6 (some or all?) cancelled, yep the wizards are at work. You can Imagine "oh man, we lost 440 million, we're sorry it was a glitch" A professor would say it's a highly complex algo with a bug that screws up with no contingency plans. I like to think of it as the chocolate rationing in 1984. Well they've got to burn the rabble for retribution. You know how Cain has a curse like how parents curse posterity.
Anyway on a preliminary watching of the TDKR which is like watching a rerun of Inception, always that stupid garden and the glare of illumination where the Grand Architect of the Universe (GAOTU) is met. I'm pretty sure I'm being brainwashed on some level like a homomorphism in another space. Also what's interesting is Bruce goes broke.
Though I think it's all instituting communism - Occupy (class warfare, stupid illuminati symbols etc), Arab spring (sympathetic communist governments, Wen Jiabao praising it etc) by psychopathic alchemists.
Maybe I can't sleep because I had a knightmare that alchemists were eating brains of their victims. Nah. These thoughts and a big desert remind me of John 3:12.

Gun Alchemy

You know it seems that the alchemists soothe the transition by putting movies out like inception which was about alchemical godhood, character assassination of the militia & and other psychological warfare themes.

Then I stumble across this guy Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez and it's like this guy was given the script, but obviously Jesus didn't advocate violence though the alchemists are highly adept at manipulation... and the appearance of similar themes appear evident from the propaganda factory.

Occupy Wall Street & Communist Techniques

So I just heard abouth this occupy thingy (I don't have a tv - random thought: didn't know Winehouse died till two weeks after the fact). Anyway I like looking for books Cooper has read and this one by Possony called "A Century in Conflict Communist Techniques of World Revolution" is certainly one of them which pertains to this occupy thingy.

On a psychodrama note I was looking back on it and that 700 arrests popped out it was the 700 billion bailout of banks that was imprinted on the group mind both of which happened in October roughly 700 years ago the international bankers, the Templars, were arrested. You can bet the ritual is more intricate that this simple observation.

I've also done a better exposition on inception and what "a leap of faith" means.

William Cooper's Mystery Babylon transcripts reuploaded since scridb requires upload. (no changes yet)

Wikileaks and alchemy

Now whether this is true or not who knows, but I remember Cooper mentioned that supposed "leaks" are sources of disinformation and this isn't much different to what Golitsyn mentions in chapters 9-12 (NLFO).

 Especially this from Jullian "Wanted by the CIA" Assange should raise an eyebrow.

"I'm constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud." What about the Bilderberg conference? "That is vaguely conspiratorial, in a networking sense. We have published their meeting notes." (The Independent)

Not forgetting wikileaks has had a lot of media attention which should get anybody suspicious. I wouldn't put it past the alchemists that's probably what I'd do if I was incredibly evil. Might even be something to do COICA who knows. And is it me or does it seem the alchemists in Hollywood are doing more sci-fi movies. Preparing the water I suppose.

Alchemical inception revisited

Since Inception is coming out on dvd I've decided to write additional things I noticed in the movie though in its preliminary stages.

Transcripts of William Cooper's Mystery Babylon Series

Draft Version. v0.9. Will be fixed later probably quite a bit later.
Required listening the best primer on the esoteric that makes sense.
Transcripts of William Cooper's Mystery Babylon Series

issuu (no upload required)

Terms used in Mircea Eliade's The Sacred and the Profane, The Nature of Religion

Terms Used in Mircea Eliade's the Sacred and Profane

The Spiritual Implications of the Bolshevik Revolution

The Spiritual Implications of the Bolshevik Revolution

#029=11-Feb-93 Mystery Babylon #0 - The Dawn of Man Transcript

Dawn of Man

Decievers, charlatans & questionable characters

Lyndon Larouche - closet communist, but good intelligence according to Cooper
G Edward Griffin - ?
Feveriam - promotes the new age
David Icke - promotes the new age (consciousness/awakening bs)
Jordan Maxwell - friends will manly p hall
Fritz Springmeier - talks about lizards
alex jones - disturbed a pro gun rally. Ominous signs of cointel.
Benjamin Fulford - ninjas because the illuminati will judo chop you to death
People who talk about DNA (insert something mystic) - are these people biologists

The charlatans list is endless just rebuild your common sense.

Recommended reading

[Most books are mentioned by Bill Cooper or a secondary source from one of the Books/Authors]

Holy Bible (The source of morals, red words only.)
Secret Societies: A History by Arkon Daraul
The Two Babylons (Symbolic reading of the bible)
Six-Pointed Star: Its Origin and Usage by O. J. Graham (history of  the symbol)
Scarlet and the Beast (Another symbolic view of the Bible)
Behold A Pale Horse (William Cooper is only one I can find who tells the truth and can put it altogether)
Satanic Voices
New Lies for Old by Golitsyn (Art of disinformation and also a primer on the Hegelian dialectic)
Perestroika Deception by Golitsyn (More disinformation analysis)
Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare by Hoffman (A must read, very witty)
Pilgrim Bible by Schuyler English 1948ed (Not sure about this book looks like it has scofield nonsense)
New World Order by Ralph A. Epperson
The Unseen Hand by Ralph A. Epperson (pieces of the puzzle)
New World Order byWilliam T. Still (pieces of the puzzle)
Karl Marx: Racist by Nathaniel Weyl (what communism actually teaches from the source)
A Century in Conflict by Possony (Mentioned by Golitsyn and where term communist lingo for masses frequently stated by Cooper is found)
Art of War, Sun Tzu
The Prince, Niccolò Machiavelli
Not a shot fired by Jan Kozak (hegelian dialectic)
Le Mystere des Cathedrales by Fulcanelli (alchemy, phonetic etymology uncovers another layer of meaning. It's quite amazing.)
The Occult and the Third Reich by Jean-Michel Angebert
Secret Societies and Subversive Movements by Nester Webster
Fire in the Minds of Men by James R. Billington
The Carnivals of Life and Death by James Shelby Downard (other works too)
Brainwashing: A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics (how they mess your mind up, apparently by beria)
Ralph Woodrow books (counter argument to hislop)
The Cult of the All-Seeing Eye by Keith Spenser
Dungeon, Fire and sword by John J. Robinson
Born in Blood by John J. Robinson
The Brotherhood by Stephen Knight (read with Robinson. Meant Ripper book a explaining of psychodrama = the ritual on large scale)
The Trial of the Templars by Malcolm Barber (for the timeline)
The Forge and the Crucible by Eliade (Explains the religious nature of alchemy and the book that gave me an epiphany that everything is some sort of religion. Other works too. The ritual is the fundamental procedure of brainwashing.)

-------Law education-------
Our Ageless Constitution (A book of principles that aren't in effect...for nearly a century.)
The Compleat Patriot by Phillip Marsh (?)
pied pipers of babylon by Verl K Speer (common law)
black's law dictionary 4th rev.

-------Other books-------
1828 Webster Dictionary
The hunchback of Notre Dame by Gallery Press (Like the additional notes.)

-------Illuminati Writings-------
[Esoteric encoded nonsense. No secret, but a language.]
Alvin Boyd Kuhn
Manly P. Hall
Albert Pike
Max Heindel
Monument to the end of time: alchemy, fulcanelli, and the great cross by jay weidner and vincent bridges (1999 2ed - later editions are revised)

-------Assassinated/Possible assassinations--------
William Cooper (learn as much as you can from this guy)
Mae Brussell (Pre Cooper era. You can hear where Cooper reiterates some of his rules. She's really good at observations.)
Alexander Litvinenko (not investigated yet)
Phil Schneider (not investigated yet)
Joe Vialls (not investigated yet)

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